Several members of the University of Birmingham’s global ethics community recently travelled to India to participate in a conference at the University of Delhi.  The conference, Global Justice and the Global South, launched the Nyaya Program on Global Justice at the University of Delhi. 

The conference is part of a larger collaboration between the University of Birmingham, Yale University, and the University of Delhi, funded by the British Council.  A post-graduate conference November 24-25 of this year, hosting students from the US, UK and India, will be held at the University of Birmingham as a part of this collaboration.

Papers presented included: Mai Hamed, ‘Islamic Finance as a Site of Distributive Justice‘, Sara-Louise Johnson, ‘Commercial Surrogacy: Comparing American and Indian Practices’; Chandrachur Singh ‘Green Cosmopolitanism: Bringing Ghandi In’, and Scott Wisor, ‘From Sticks and Carrots to Rights Diagnostics:  A New Approach to Human Rights Stewardship’.  Luis Cabrera served as a conference organizer, provided opening and closing remarks, and chaired several sessions.

To read more about the event, visit our friends at Academics Stand Against Poverty.