Professor Steve Busby, Head of School of Biosciences, became Chairman of Biochemical Society on 1st January. The Biochemical Society is the UK’s largest and oldest member organisation that promotes molecular biosciences worldwide.

Professor Steve Busby

The Biochemical Society promotes the advancement of the Molecular Biosciences, representing the interests of all those working in the sector. The Society recognises that the discipline of “Biochemistry” now encompasses the entire breadth of Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences and this is reflected in the range of our activities and our strapline – “Advancing Molecular Biosciences”.

Research in Steve Busby’s lab is concerned with understanding the molecular mechanisms that control gene expression in bacteria, with particular attention to studying the regulation of transcription initiation in Escherichia coli. Much of the recent work has focussed on the expression of virulence determinants in pathogenic strains.