Name: Heather White

Course: BSc Physiotherapy

I have very much enjoyed the mentor scheme and have found it very useful to be put in contact with someone in my potential profession.

My mentor was able to advise me about making decisions such as: whether to go straight into practice or to continue with further education by completing a PhD. My mentor advised making a mind map to weigh up the options, which I completed and now have a much clearer idea as to which I would rather at present.

We could have had more regular meetings. I have been very busy so they were not as regular as I would have liked however my mentor explained he felt the process was to help me and for me to simply get in contact with him when I had questions.

I feel this is a fantastic opportunity and feel it has really helped give me a clearer understanding of the pathways to take when finishing university. I feel it has really helped my confidence to grow and improve my reflective skills in order to make informed decisions.

I would recommend anyone to join the student mentor scheme who is unsure of what to do in the future, for guidance or answers to specific questions within a field. I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would recommend to everyone. My mentor has been very helpful. Thank you.