Name: Ioana Cerasella Chis

Course: BA Political Science and Sociology - class of 2014

Siobhan has been an amazing mentor - since our first coffee in December, I have felt comfortable to be open with Siobhan about my academic and career plans, and current insecurities. She gladly and actively listened, giving me valuable feedback which not only will be useful in the future, but it has already paid off during the academic year.

I liked the informal attitude which we both established, whilst keeping a serious posture during our coffee meetings. We discussed about my skills, personal and career development, possibilities for improvement and different scenarios at the workplace. We explored together different ways in which I can present my experience effectively to prospective organisations, and I now feel more confident about actively approaching them. We also talked about her own experiences and career choices, from which I have learned a great deal, especially as we have similar interests.

Siobhan introduced me to an organisation which I had been very interested in volunteering for; after a meeting with that organisation I became their intern. Additionally, Siobhan and I are currently discussing about a research project for her organisation and the ways in which I could use my knowledge and skills to implement it. I appreciate her support greatly, and we intend to stay in touch after the end of this scheme.

I would like to thank Careers Network for their excellent initiatives and projects which have helped me throughout my three years at the University of Birmingham.