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Chris, Catherine, Mark, Sunny, George, Alex and Matt would like to welcome you to what is going to be a great year for JUGS. The 2014 autumn term has already been a busy time for all members and the committee, recruiting nearly 40 new members in the first two weeks alone! Our first few events of the year have been widely attended by all years. The Poker Night, hosted at The Duck and Scholar, was a great success with Callum Jones claiming overall victory and securing the £25 cash prize.     


The weekly JUGS football sessions have also been busy as usual. Despite the nights growing darker, colder, wetter and windier, you will regularly see at least 35 JUGS members having a social yet competitive kick around on a Tuesday evening. Later in the semester we have football matches against CivSoc and the eagerly awaited staff v students match, and Sports Reps Matt and Alex are looking into organising other regular sport sessions, such as badminton, hockey, basketball and cycle rides.

There have been a whole host of industrial lectures and events going on in the Mechanical Engineering Building this term, with JUGS member Abbi Roberts describing the BP Launch Event as 'insightful, and invaluable'. Members have a lot to look forward to over the coming weeks, including go-karting, a pub quiz, movie night, mountain biking and even more next semester!