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Well what can I say? I am extremely proud of all the work we have done as the first 'alive' and 'hands-on' committee for the Maths Society which Birmingham has seen in a long while. I honestly believe we are the most 'improved' society as we were awarded at the recent EPS Societies’ Awards. From the start of the year where we introduced new branding for the Society and ran social media promotions for all the successful, innovative events we have ran - from 'integrating' new maths freshers in Welcome Week with a 'Where's Wally Hunt' around campus, to ordering enough takeout pizza to feed 250 students and running across campus in time for the Quiz to begin, I feel we allowed new students to have a great experience. We continued such successes throughout the year: we held a Careers Networking Event which saw a wide range of employers attend over a selection of complimentary food and drinks, we held a Maths pub quiz and meal night and of course the Spring Ball. These events, to name a few, show what a wide variety of activities we were now able to deliver for students to enjoy. I am very proud of our work and it wouldn't have been possible without many members of staff: David Leppinen and Simon Goodwin, to name just two, were my points of call for many queries and they made us as a committee feel fully supported all through the year. Big thanks to them as well as all members of MathSoc for attending our events and always being enthusiastic, and of course to the committee for being so hard working and wonderful! Thank you, and I wish the new committee all the best; I'm confident they will continue to build upon and improve our work for the next academic year! 

From organising and hosting the prestigious MathSoc Spring Ball to introducing the widely successful MathSoc buddy scheme (which won “Head of College Idea of the Year” at the EPS Societies’ Awards!), there is no denying the astounding achievements of MathSoc over the past academic year and the thorough dedication of the 2013/14 MathSoc committee – proven by receiving the “Most Improved Society” award at the EPS Societies’ Awards 2014! With the recent handover of a new committee, there is a lot to live up to but the 2014/15 committee members have no doubt in our commitment and enthusiasm to continue the success of MathSoc. Our aim is simple – to be an active society that gives Mathematics students the best university experience possible outside of their academics – and there are already a few things in the works that we think will achieve this! Here is to another (hopefully) successful year for MathSoc!

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