A new book from Dr Maggie Kubanyiova (co-written with Zoltan Dӧrnyei, University of Nottingham) 'Motivating Learners, Motivating Teachers: Building Vision in the Language Classroom' (Cambridge University Press) has been shortlisted for a prestigious HRH the Duke of Edinburgh English Language Book Award. This award, convened by the English Speaking Union, is based on innovation, originality and substance in the field of English Language and English Language Teaching.

Book cover for publication Motivating Learners, Motivating Teachers

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The book presents a new approach to motivation that focuses on the concept of ‘vision’. Drawing on visualisation research in sports, psychology and education, the authors describe powerful ways by which imagining future scenarios in one’s mind’s eye can promote motivation to  learn a foreign language. The book offers a rich selection of motivational strategies that can help students to ‘see’ themselves as potentially competent language users, to experience the value of knowing  a foreign language in their own lives and, ultimately, to invest effort
into learning it.

Transformational leaders’ vision for change is one of the prerequisites of turning language classrooms into motivating learning environments, and the second part of the book therefore focuses on how to ignite language teacher enthusiasm, how to re-kindle it when it may be waning and how to guard it when it is under threat.