Polly Stoker, a doctoral research student at the Department of Classics, Ancient History and Archaeology, is co-editor of a brand-new collection of original stories inspired by the Odyssey and set in the Midlands today, A Midlands Odyssey, commissioned by Writing West Midlands, to be launched at the Birmingham Literature Festival on 7th October by author and broadcaster Natalie Haynes.

Cover art for A Midlands Odyssey, edited by doctoral student in Classics, Polly Stoker

Polly’s doctoral research project is a study of creative reworkings of ancient Greek and Roman literature by contemporary women writers and of the ways in which such receptions intersect with feminist theory. A Midlands Odyssey is one way in which she is looking to make her work on modern versions of Classical literature accessible to a wider public. Polly said,

"The collection consists of ten responses to Homer's Odyssey and provides a fascinating snapshot of epic in the twenty-first century, as each writer tries to make sense of Odysseus and his homecoming in a contemporary Midlands' setting. The opportunity to work alongside practitioners of creative writing adds a new dimension to my research, comparing academic theory with artistic practice."

The book is the product of Polly’s collaboration with ‘Writing West Midlands’, for a "Communicating Ancient Greece and Rome" Arts and Humanities Research Council-funded initiative, led by the Archive of Performances of Greek and Roman Drama at the University of Oxford.

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