Dr Jussi Suikkanen's new textbook entitled This Is Ethics: An Introduction is now out on Wiley-Blackwell. This Is Ethics presents an accessible and engaging introduction to a variety of issues relating to contemporary moral philosophy. It reveals the intimate connection between timeless philosophical problems about right and wrong and offers timely and thought-provoking insights on everyday practical concerns.


Initial chapters focus on how philosophy can help us to think more clearly about how we can live happy and meaningful lives. Subsequent chapters address general ethical theories about what is right and wrong, followed by metaethical questions such as whether morality is relative and how we are motivated to do the right thing. A final series of chapters discuss moral responsibility, population growth, and climate change.

“Jussi Suikkanen is one of the world’s best young moral philosophers, and in this clear and wide-ranging text, he provides an excellent introduction to the philosophical investigation of morality, spanning applied ethics, normative ethics and metaethics. Highly recommended for students and teachers of philosophical ethics.” Alexander Miller, University of Otago

"Suikkanen's ethics textbook is one of the very best — and most useful — in existence. The book insightfully discusses the main positions in contemporary normative theory, as well as the leading metaethical theories. The weblinks and glossary will prove invaluable to students." Brad Hooker, University of Reading