Professor Mike McLinden has co-authored a new publication on Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. The text explores broad best practice approaches to undertaking enquiry into learning and teaching in higher education.

Part one covers Educational Enquiry, for example educational literature, ethics, data and dissemination whilst part two covers enquiry into learning and teaching in the disciplines (physical sciences, mathematics and engineering, life sciences, arts and creative practice, the humanities, the health professions and the professions: the case of law).

There have been some positive reviews to the publication including this one from Dr Dilly Fung, Director of the Centre for the Advancement of Learning and Teaching (CALT), University College London:

For all academics who care about their own teaching and who want to engage students fully, this book will be invaluable. The authors show how it's possible to draw on the special culture of one's own subject discipline to enhance education in ways which benefit staff as well as students. Make this the first book on your reading list.