The School of Computer Science has made a number of excellent appointments over the past couple of months:

Mr Hector Basevi
Research Fellow

Hector Basevi is a PSIBS doctoral researcher studying probabilistic image reconstruction. In particular, he is interested in the integration of any available prior information into the reconstruction process, and the use of statistical techniques to better understand the results of reconstruction. Hector also has an interest in surface measurement techniques, especially those that use structured light produced by a programmable light source.

Dr Frank-Michael Schleif
Marie Curie Fellow

Dr Schleif’s research interests involve algorithms for the analysis of high dimensional data sets, with a special focus on prototype based learning. Classification, clustering, embedding approaches and metric learning with prototype based methods. Approaches to model and process large potentially non-metric proximity data by prototype and kernel methods.

Other appointments include:
• Dr Marco Caminati, Research Fellow
• Mr Alexis Goyet, Research Fellow