An article by HSMC's Jon Glasby entitled 'NHS staff do a fantastic job, it's time we gave them more credit', was recently published in 'The Conversation'. Jon writes:

Professor Jon Glasby

"As I get out and about in the health service I never cease to be amazed by the quality of care that is provided every day. When we get it wrong, the implications can be catastrophic – and we need to understand what’s happened, put it right if we can and try to make sure it can’t happen again. But amid all the coverage of these kinds of stories, we also need to acknowledge that we get it right so often and in such difficult circumstances.

When I talk to European and US colleagues, they have questions about some aspects of our system, but are often also very positive about the quality of our primary care, our focus on person-centred approaches, the cost-efficient way we deliver care and the quality of our mental health services. When I talk to people in the NHS, they’re always amazed by this – perhaps staff find it difficult to comprehend how they are viewed externally...."

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