Professor Jeffrey Braithwaite, Director of the Australian Institute of Health Innovation at the University of New South Wales, Sydney and Honorary Professor at HSMC gave a seminar entitled - CareTrack Australia: the levels of appropriate care in Australia and the European and UK implications - on 21 May.

Professor Jeffrey Braithwaite

In a very informative and entertaining talk, Professor Braithwaite spoke about the CareTrack Australia study – a large-scale, systems-level examination of patient care in Australia which was designed to determine the percentage of healthcare encounters at which a representative sample of adult Australians received “appropriate care” (care in line with evidence- or consensus-based guidelines) following the RAND-UCLA study in the USA ten years earlier. Participants in the study received appropriate care in 57% of encounters compared with the US at 55%. The implications of these finding were discussed with and audience drawn from the School of Social Policy and the Medical School.