A new research network is aiming to deepen our understanding of how humans, animals and machines interpret visual images.


The network, which is funded by the EPSRC, will bring together researchers in computer vision and biological vision and encourage interdisciplinary working, grant applications, joint publications and career development. 

Interpreting visual information to understand the environment is a challenging problem in computer science, but biological human vision processes the visual environment effortlessly. 

This supports the notion that understanding biological vision will help to solve problems in machine vision. However, some of the biggest advances in our understanding of human vision have occurred as a direct result of modern computing techniques. 

The Network is lead by Dr Andrew Schofield (University of Birmingham, pictured above) and Daren Cosker (University of Bath) with a steering group comprising 16 academics and one industrialist including Professor Ales Leonardis, Professor Jeremy Wyatt and Dr Massimiliano Di Luca of Birmingham. 

The network is open to all researchers working the relevant fields in the UK. The first workshop will take place on Sept 24 and 25 in Stratford-upon-Avon. 

Visit the Visual Image Interpretation in Humans and Machines website for more information, membership and workshop registration.