Language in Mind organisers

Doctoral researchers from the School of Psychology and the Department of Applied Linguistics recently organised a one-day conference called Studying Language in Mind: A Multi-disciplinary Approach to Research Methodology. 

The event was arranged by Alper Kumcu, Beinan Zhou, Kristian Wei-Ze Sun and Paraskevi Argyriou from the School of Psychology and Isabella Fritz and Mai Salem Al-Subhi from the Department of Applied Linguistics. It was sponsored by the College of Life and Environmental Sciences.

The conference, which was attended by 60 people, included talks by seven well-established speakers in the field of psycholinguistics: 

  • Sotaro Kita (University of Warwick), 
  • Guillaume Thierry (Bangor University)
  • Martin Pickering (University of Edinburgh)
  • Henning Holle (University of Hull)
  • Lotte Meteyard (University of Reading) 
  • Linda Wheeldon (University of Birmingham) 
  • Steven Frisson (University of Birmingham) 

The University of Birmingham’s Andrea Krott and Robin Thompson chaired an interactive discussion and postgraduate students from across the UK presented their work during a poster session. 

All the talks were well-received and led to discussions about methodological challenges in language research. Attendees described the event as “very well organised, at a professional level” and “highly relevant to postgraduate students doing language research”.

The organising committee would like to thank everyone who supported the conference. The outcomes, along with abstracts of talks and posters, are available at Language in Mind's website.