School of Psychology doctoral researchers at Birmingham Central Library

A group of School of Psychology doctoral researchers recently organised a public engagement event at Birmingham Central Library.

The exhibition was part of the ESRC Festival of Social Science and included posters and interactive demonstrations.

It was designed to inform schoolchildren and the public about Psychology and present research taking place at the University.

Visitors were welcomed by posters presenting different fields within psychology, research methods and a wall of fame of influential psychologists.

The exhibition included posters and interactive demonstrations

Four interactive displays gave an insight into current work at Birmingham:

  • Brad Mattan talked about the brain and explained how neuroimaging studies work (Neurocognitive Psychology)
  • Edward Ong illustrated the role of misleading memories in face recognition (Forensic Psychology)
  • Elisa Bandini and Eva Reindl explained how culture and social learning differ between humans and great apes
  • Lin Zhao presented different tasks for studying Theory of Mind (Cognitive Development and Comparative Psychology)

Angela Meadows also talked about her research on weight stigma and health behaviours, Jinyu Liu highlighted the role of social norms for health behavior, and Rosie Satherley gave away gluten-free food samples to illustrate her work on disordered eating patterns in people with gluten-free diets.

Posters and brochures provided information about careers in psychology and studying the subject at Birmingham.

The posters and activities were extremely popular and researchers received excellent feedback from visitors.