In view of the emerging findings from the Time to Care project, and the wider evidence which suggests that an organisational approach is required if compassionate care is to be provided (Dixon-Woods et al 2013, Jacobs et al 2013, Kitson et al 2013, King’s Fund 2011), a programme of work centred on enabling staff teams to support each other in placing care back at the heart of practice has been developed.

This research has been funded by Health Education West Midlands and will focus on nursing staff in two large organisations - an Acute Trust and a Community Trust - helping them to identify the best approach for them to implement a system of staff support, in recognition of the impact emotional labour can have on nurses. They will be supported to implement this by Yvonne Sawbridge and Alistair Hewison as co-researchers, and it will link with the Community of practice being established at HSMC to develop compassionate organisations.