The Department of Theology and Religion congratulates Deryn Guest for winning the Head of School's award in teaching excellence at the School of Philosophy, Theology and Religion.

Deryn Guest is an inspirational lecturer. Through her innovative modules such as Thealogy: Transgressive Travels with the Goddess and Queer Bibles and Theologies and the enthusiasm with which they are taught, we are challenged to think from perspectives that we may not have ever considered, encouraged to debate and discuss, and expand our understanding - all of which we believe has been fundamental in our personal growth. Practically, her dedication can be seen in the extensive resources she provides; her extremely comprehensive reading lists and handouts, provided in every session, are far superior to those of any lecturer we have previously encountered. Despite her busy schedule, she is extremely generous with her time, always finding space for meetings with her students, and has in previous years taken up extra roles such as staff contact supporting the SSC and UG Welfare tutor. Beyond this, we consider Deryn to be our friend. The immense dedication to the topics and her emotional, but nevertheless professional, engagement with every single student demonstrates her above and beyond attention and care for us, which is reciprocated with mutual support and admiration from her students. We hope she continues to provide inspiration that she has given to us and we support her in all that she does in the future.