Appearing in May 2015, this book brings together academic discussion about case study with many examples of how case study can be used by researchers in practice.

Front cover of the publication The Anatomy of the Case Study

It explores the historical, theoretical and practical bones of modern case study research, offering to social scientists a framework for understanding and working with this form of inquiry.  Using detailed analysis of examples taken from across the social sciences Thomas and Myers set out, and then work through, an intricate typology of case study design to answer questions such as:   

  • How is a case study constructed?   
  • What are the required, inherent components of case study?   
  • Can a coherent structure be applied to this form of inquiry?

Professor Norman K Denzin, editor of The Handbook of Qualitative Research, has said of The Anatomy of the Case Study:

This will become the new bible for serious case study inquiry.

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Gary Thomas & Kevin Myers, Sage Publications Ltd