A view of the stones of Stonehenge against a cloudy sky

Linking the cultural heritage of Ironbridge and Stonehenge, Professor Mike Robinson will lead a one day course on 26 June 2014 for English Heritage. The course is aimed at teachers of GCE and GCSE Business, Leisure and Tourism, Travel and Tourism and Applied Business and forms part of the OCR Professional Development Programme.

The UK’s heritage underpins a national tourism economy of over £12 billion and directly provides nearly 200,000 jobs.  With the numbers of tourists and the number of heritage assets set to continue to increase on a global scale it is important that learners of all ages engage with the Business of Heritage, and the key questions it raises:

  • How to balance business demands with the protection and conservation of heritage sites.
  • How to enrich the visitor experience of heritage.
  • How to deal with the problems and opportunities that arise when tourists and heritage come together.

For more information or to book a place on the course visit the website.