Tara Hamling and Tom Lockwood have been awarded funding by the British Academy for a Networking Event on ‘The Early Modern Career’ to be held on Friday 2 May 2014 as part of the activities of the interdisciplinary Research Centre for Reformation and Early Modern Studies.

This symposium will draw together early modern colleagues from across the Midlands Three Cities research partnership to explore through an informal, discussion-based programme the intellectual and institutional contexts in which early modern individuals made their careers, and the ways in which academic professionals might today make their own.

The kind of questions that will be framed, discussed and debated during the event include: What can we determine about early modern career paths? What was the value of specialisation or diversification in the early modern career? What were the mechanics of collaboration in the early modern period and at what stage(s) in their careers did people collaborate? What successes and failures can we identify in case studies of interdisciplinary or collaborative work? What can be identified as ‘Impact’ in the work of early modern artists and writers and how might this inform knowledge exchange and public engagement activities in the present day?

For more information and updates please visit the event website.