Dr Caroline Radcliffe has reconstructed the music and words to "The Song of the Wreck" by Charles Dickens.

Dickens set new words to the ballad "Little Nell" by George Linley and Charlotte Young for his daughter Mary to sing in Wilkie Collins's play The Lighthouse which Dickens produced and performed in in 1855. Although the words to "The Song of the Wreck" have been previously published in collections of DIckens's poems and verses, the song, in its musical form, was never published. Caroline Radcliffe has now reconstructed the text and the music together, as it would have been originally arranged by the play's musical director, Francesco Berger.

Read more about "The Song of the Wreck" on the Dickens Fellowship website and hear the song performed by Philippa Althaus and Steven Teo, students from Birmingham's Department of Music.