The Third DECIDE Management Meeting took place at the newly built Faculty of Biotechnology of the University of Wrocław. The building is located about 25 minutes walk from the Old Market Square (Rynek). Everyone arrived on the Wednesday for two days of meetings. Eva organised an excellent meeting with great hospitality. As you can see, Ewa, Andrew, Rhodri, Ton, and Geoff sat round a table to plan the next School in Basel. The programme is set, details just to be added, and to be posted at our website soon. Friday was spent discussing the WIDESPREAD initiative in Horizon 2020, for low performing countries, and Horizon 2020 in general. Aoife joined us on Friday to represent the views of Fellows. Friday evening we found time to have a delightful dinner at Cafe and Restaurant Steinhaus. In the past, Cafe Steinhaus was a favourite meeting place for mathematicians. Poland has a great tradition in mathematics, and Polish mathematicians played a vital role at Bletchley Park in breaking Enigma. See you all in Basel in September.