The University of Birmingham Rocketry Society (UBRS) is the newest and most explosive EPS group yet! We began as a disparate collection of rocketry enthusiasts and have now come together to pursue all aspects of aeronautics and astronautics. It is obvious that this year will bring big plans for our large and diverse community of undergraduates, postgraduates, and staff. We give our members everything from distinguished rocketry lectures to movie and pizza nights, and they will get the chance to fire everything from water rockets on The Vale to solid fuelled rockets at our local firing range in Twycros.

The forefront of this year will be Project Chamberlain: the significant and challenging adventure to launch our very own liquid fuelled rocket into the upper atmosphere and have it video its epic journey. Having contacted numerous professionals and organizations such as the UK Space Agency and Aspirespace, this project is already well on its way. News of our activities and achievements will be in later newsletters, but if you would like to find out more about us or want to be involved with our society, please contact us at rocketry@guild.bham.ac.uk.

Dan Luckett

Deputy Director-General, UBRS