The University of Birmingham Rocketry Society (UBRS) is the newest student society within the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences, bringing together a group of rocketry enthusiasts to pursue interests in aeronautics and astronautics.

The group are embarking on the significant task of launching their own liquid fuelled rocket into the upper atmosphere in a challenge known as Project Chamberlain.  Terry Moorton, President of UBRS and Director of Project Chamberlain, tells us more:

There is a new rocket building project at the University – Project Chamberlain – and this is one of the biggest and best rocket projects in the country. We work in conjunction with the University of Birmingham Rocketry Society (UBRS) and we are a team of 60 undergraduates, postgraduates, staff, and academics. Our work is multi-disciplinary, spanning the breadth of the College, from Computer Science to Mechanical Engineering, separated into three divisions:

  • Structure: dealing with the shell and the payload of the rocket;
  • Avionics: dealing with the ‘brains’ and the supporting ground systems of the rocket; and
  • Propulsion: dealing with the engine and the propellants.

We are working on novel ideas and are making strong progress. As this a new venture we would welcome any sort of support from industry or individuals, such as sponsorship or technical advice.

So far we have completed engine designs and the teams are working on the rest of the designs. We plan to have construction started by Christmas with a launch date of Easter 2015.

We call difficult things “rocket science” for a reason and this is no less for our project. We have challenges ahead of us but the rewards are going to be immense. This next year is going to be exciting and it would be great to get more people involved with us as well. If you are interested or would just like to know more, feel free to contact me at director@projectchamberlain.org.