Re-imagining Clinical Legal Education by Linden Thomas, Birmingham Law School

A report on the March 2015 Workshop, reflecting on the subject of Clinical Legal Education from a variety of perspectives; its inherent challenges and future opportunities.

Exploring the current challenges within the legal profession and how the development of legal education and its relationship with legal practice informs current debate.

'Typical Lawyers': clones, clients and fitness for purpose in times of change by Mark Crowder and Catherine Shephard, Manchester Metropolital University

In turbulent times, when the client is king and the profession must innovate and manage its client relationships, is there such thing as a 'typical lawyer' and what is the place of such a role within a professional team?

The Regulatory Balancing Act by Iain Miller, Bevan Brittan LLP

Examining the implications of the shifting regulatory boundaries and emergent ethical issues and risks in the wake of the Legal Services Act 2007.

Exploring the potential link between shifting professional ethics and the increased prevalence of practitioner misconduct and corporate scandals.

Corporate Bribery and Tax Abuse: what's law got to do with it? by Professor Celia Wells, University of Bristol

International approaches to preventing corporate economic crimes, and practitioner attitudes to these issues.

Corporate Lawyers and the Public Interest by Dr Steven Vaughan, Birmingham Law School

Examining the role of 'public interest' in legal services regulation and its meaning in the context of corporate and finance lawyers in large firms.

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