It’s amazing what you can find buried amongst boxes and personal effects of a bygone era. That’s just what happened to Alan Cameron when he was clearing out his parents’ attic. Bound in bubble-wrap and old newspaper he discovered five immaculate photographs of his late father Robert’s time with the School of Mechanical Engineering, the Engineering Society and the First XV Rugby Team between 1929 and 1932. The glass may be cracked and the paint chipping off the frame but the photographs themselves are in pristine condition and serve as a wonderful piece of Birmingham’s history.

Mr. Cameron has since kindly donated these photographs to the University. They will be restored and placed in the official archives which are based in the Cadbury Research Library on campus.


Engineering Society 1928-29


First XV Rugby Team 1929-30


 Engineering Society 1930-31


First VX Rugby Team 1930-31


Engineering Society Committee 1931-32

Do you have memorabilia or photographs from your time at the University that you could share? We would love to see them. Send your memories of Birmingham to With your permission, they will be added to our website and exhibited on Reunion Day, Saturday 20 June.

Special Collections Archivist Helen Fisher says: ‘We are delighted to accept donations of this kind of material to add to the University archives. Papers and photographs of individual students offer an insight into student life and experience not visible in the official archives, and often provide a different perspective on aspects of the University’s history.’

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