Dan Luckett 1

Dan Luckett (BSc Mathematics, 2015) tells us how he's adjusting to graduate life.

It would be safe to say that life since graduation has been full of new experiences! Since graduating in July not only have I finally been on a plane for the first time (albeit only an hour to Dublin!), I’ve started a job as a maths teacher at the school I spent seven years of my life at. It’s safe to say that as I’d never had a teaching job before, the first few weeks were extremely challenging but where I learnt the most! It’s been a good experience so far even though it’s been one of the most challenging of the last few years.

Having only been at the school for a term, I’ll be leaving in December to fulfil some lifelong ambitions to go travelling to Australia and New Zealand. The last few months have been busy planning but things are now starting to come together and I’m looking forward to finally having the opportunity to get some travelling under my belt!

I’ve also been planning ahead to next September by applying for graduate schemes in several areas including transportation consultancy and data analysis. It’s definitely been an advantage having what effectively is a gap year to do this; the process is long and time consuming and it gives me the perfect opportunity to make sure I put as much effort as possible into the applications. I’ve been reasonably successful so far and made it through to several final stages, so it’s a nervous few weeks to find out if I can secure a position for next year.

Even though there’s lots of planning going on for the future, most importantly Birmingham, and the friends I made there, is still a big part of my life. I’ve managed to find time to travel and visit friends all over the country, and still keep up-to-date with everything going on at the University. Although I’ve now graduated, Birmingham will always be a special place to me and I’m hoping to come and visit over December to see some friends, see how far the campus developments have progressed, and return to the amazing food and drink at the Birmingham Frankfurt Christmas market!