Congratulations to Dr Anne-Marie Krachler for winning the Aston Webb Award for Outstanding Early Career Academic. This is one of the Founders Awards presented annually at the Chancellor's Dinner.  Anne-Marie follows directly in the footsteps of Nick Loman, who won the 2014 Aston Webb prize. Nick, like Anne-Marie, is also a Biosciences staff member affiliated to the IMI, and this is a tremendous recognition of the strength and potential of both the IMI and Biosciences.

Dr Anne Marie Krachler

Anne-Marie joined the University of Birmingham as a Birmingham Fellow and EMBO Fellow in 2012 and is based at the Institute of Microbiology and Infection within the School of Biosciences. Her lab studies interactions between bacterial pathogens and their host and how this knowledge can be used to fight bacterial infections and gain novel insight into eukaryotic signaling mechanisms.

In the video below Anne-Marie describes, in 60 seconds, her research into developing drugs which aim to prevent attachment of bacteria to body tissue and thereby reduce the chances of infection.

Video transciprt here