Our Birmingham International Summer School offers you the chance to study in the Heart of England, at a top institution and a pioneering university. For 2015 the Summer School offers three programmes, including one delivered by the School of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences, Sport: From Molecules and Muscle to Money. The other modules are British Cultural Heritage and Mathematical Finance and Financial Time Series Analysis.

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The Sport: From Molecules and Muscles to Money programme will look at global issues within sport taking a unique interdisciplinary approach working from the molecular level through to the global policy level.  The Programme is ideal for students based overseas who would like to experience studying abroad and also gain a valuable insight into the fascinating interrelationships between an individual’s molecular make-up, the creation of movement by muscles and the money and policy behind largest sporting events on the planet.

Uniquely delivered in collaboration between the University’s internationally renowned School of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences, University of Birmingham Sport and the College of Medical and Dental Sciences you will explore the role of molecules, muscles and money through examination of a series of globally linked case studies. Content will cover the latest knowledge in areas such as immunology, physiology, sport policy, sports economics, adaptation to training, motivation and motor learning and control whilst focusing on specific topics such examples of which may be:

  • Global Doping: Is performance real?
  • Football: Money makes the ball go round
  • Sports Mega events: Driving health?
  • Exercise: HIITing it hard  

Through a mixture of lecture, workshops, laboratory and sports practicals you will develop your knowledge and skills from some of the World’s leading experts in their academic fields as well as applied professional practitioners. The programme will take you from the theoretical world of understanding the molecular workings of the human to the practical significance of the application of this knowledge.          

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