Dr Vidya Kumar, Lecturer in Law at Birmingham Law School participated in a Roundable entitled “Emancipation Without Agenda: The recovery of Non-Western Subjecthood and Its Implications for the Study of World Politics” hosted by the School of Government and Society on 14 May 2015.

This roundtable assembled scholars from different fields and of diverse regional expertise to present the different forms of non-Western subjecthood that they identify or envisage. On this basis, they discussed the possibility and constellations of non-Western subjecthood and corresponding forms of agency in empirical and theoretical perspectives. This was a School of Government and Society event intended to initiate and deepen inter-disciplinary discussion on recent developments in academia and international politics.

Dr Kumar is researching a monograph on the relationship between revolution and international law. She teaches in the areas of Global Law, Advanced Constitutional Law and Public International Law and has published in the areas of globalisation theory, postcolonial legal studies, and international labour and human rights. Her most recent work is 'International Law, and the Aberrant Revolution: Excavating the Judicial and Scholarly Practices of Revolutionary Legality in Rhodesia and Beyond' in The Power of Legality: Practices of International Law and Their Politics, eds  Nikolas M. Rajkovic, Tanja Aalberts, Thomas Gammeltoft-Hansen (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, Forthcoming 2015)