On Saturday 28 February the updated annual Metallurgy and Materials Ball returned for its second year!

We have been working together with NucSoc to make this event possible. Last year’s ball was a fantastic success, and this looks set to be even bigger and better – close to 200 attended for a night of music, food and lots of fun.

The Ball was paired with a careers event the day before, where company representatives visited the School to talk to students about their companies and the roles available within them. We look forward to the continued success of this event and the opportunities it holds for both our students and those companies who volunteer their time – we are extremely grateful. If you would like to get involved in our future events and activities please email eps-community@bham.ac.uk.

In the latter half of last term BUMS continued to hold extremely successful events, with high turnouts to the mid-term ‘neon’ and end of term Christmas socials. We also organised a meal for the direct entry students, working to promote inclusivity and develop strong bonds within the department.

As we rapidly approach the end of this term, there are a few things we would still like to achieve before our time as the Committee finishes – so the next few weeks look set to be even more exciting! Elections are being held this term to allow the new committee to work alongside the old for the final term, so that the handover and next year remain as successful as possible. We would also love to hold a few more events before our time on committee reaches its close.

We’ve had a fantastic year, and look forward to making the most of the next few weeks.

Best wishes,

BUMS Committee 2014-15