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Dr Andrew Davies, Director of Edward Cadbury Centre for the Public Understanding of Religion and Professor of Biblical Interpretation, is to deliver a lecture on ‘The Public Understanding of Religion: Social and Public Policy’ at this week’s Social Justice Institute event at Boston University.

The Social Justice Institute is being held between 3 and 7 August 2015, and will welcome national and international civil rights leaders, scholars, politicians and faith leaders. The event aims to engage with scholars, policy makers and practitioners on poverty, race, religion, sexuality and theology.

Dr Davies will be attending as a member of the ‘Social Justice Dream Team’ which delivers the event programme.  A biblical scholar by training, his interests are primarily on the impact of sacred texts and religious belief upon culture and society. He has written and lectured widely on cultural approaches to the Bible, contemporary forms of Christian worship and expression (most notably including Pentecostalism) and more recently on Christian engagement in the fields of culture and social and public policy. He is Principal Investigator for a major AHRC‐supported project, ‘Megachurches and Social Engagement in London’, a £720k, three year project to investigate the social engagement activities of the UK’s largest churches, working with a team of three research fellows and an international co-investigator.

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