EESESoc has been busy with lots of activities, both social and educational! In November we organised a very successful employability event for all of our students. We had over 15 companies represented by representatives including many alumni from EESE at the University of Birmingham. We are very grateful to all the alumni who came and talked to current students about their experiences and what they do in their graduate roles.

If you would like to get involved in our future events or activities please email

This term we had a number of social events, including going to a local pub quiz. We had a couple of teams there and one team even managed to win, taking the lead in the final round, so a good night was had by all.

​Recently EESESoc ran a trip to Bletchley Park and the National Museum of Computing. We enjoyed looking around the huts where the codebreaking in the 2nd World War was conducted, saw a lot of the machines and learnt how the various codes and cyphers were broken. There was also an exhibition based around the recent film 'The Imitation Game' based on Bletchley Park and Alan Turing's work. It was interesting to see how they used the original locations in the film. The National Museum of Computing had a working reconstruction of the Colossus machine which showed the machines that were designed to break the enigma code. Everyone had an enjoyable day and we hope it inspired them in their own work!


The EESE Shockers, EESE's student football team, are having a great season after an influx of good first year players and we hope that they will continue their winning streak and hopefully come top of the league. They then completed in the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences charity football tournament on Saturday 28 February in aid of The Prince’s Trust. This event was the first of its kind and the players couldn’t wait to get on the pitch for such a good cause!  With teams from MathSoc, Poynting Physical Society, Engineers without Borders, JUGS (James Watt Undergraduate Society) and EESESoc competition was tight. PPS came through as winners (unfortunately!) but we raised £248.50 which takes the overall fundraising total for The Princes’ Trust to £1,000!

Next up is the highly anticipated student vs staff football match, an annual event that the students look forward to and the staff dread!

Best wishes,

Helen Watson, President