Emily Trombetta Mabbs - funded internship with Heartbreak Productions, Leamington Spa

Emily Trombetta Mabbs, a final year Drama and Theatre Arts student, secured a funded internship with Heartbreak Productions in Leamington Spa. We spoke to Emily and Maddy Kerr, Executive Director at Heartbreak, about their experiences.

I first saw this opportunity advertised on the Drama facebook page. I have a Masters lined up in September in Film and TV Production, but with such an interest in theatre, I thought that it would be beneficial to get some valuable experience in an office environment before starting it.

As my internship has progressed, I have been given more and more responsibility. On a day-to-day basis, I help with social media marketing, predominantly through facebook and twitter. I also liaise with venues, create newsletters and answer email and phone enquiries. I regularly contribute to the organisation’s blog and I have introduced a new actor-focused ‘question and answer’ post which has allowed audiences to learn more about the actors.

I have learnt a lot of skills such as time management and good customer service; responding to both positive and negative feedback. My writing skills have improved and I am now able to write press releases far quicker than when I started! I initially found answering the phone challenging, but as my confidence has developed, this has become easier. Working in an office environment with set hours has also been a really good learning experience.

If you are invited to an interview, make sure you know your CV. Be relaxed and confident; the employer has invited you there for a reason. Know what your strengths are and what you want.

If you are looking for work experience, I would advise asking your tutors and using the university’s resources. Be prepared to network at events and be open-minded; any experience can be useful.

This summer, Emily has been us three days a week for about two months. I think it’s important to have interns as it’s a way of staying in touch with the ‘real world’ and seeing what young people are interested in. Through young, fresh eyes, we have been able to use social media more effectively and it is now a huge aspect of our marketing plan.

Emily has been a delight to work with. She is intelligent, bright and enthusiastic and one of her biggest strengths is her writing. She has a wonderful tone and really thinks about her audience. When taking on interns, I look, above all things, for someone with passion, who is hungry to learn and who will add something to the organisation.

Heartbreak Productions are a theatre company specialising in open-air performances. Heartbreak have been touring shows around the UK for 20 years and have adapted over 50 shows. Their current summer shows include Macbeth, Pride and Prejudice and Peter Pan and The Lost Boys. They focus on the ever-changing relationship between the audience and the actor and they collaborate with actors, designers, composers and crew to create unique and exciting experiences for their audiences.
For more information, please visit www.heartbreakproductions.co.uk