The Gravitational Wave Group were featured in The Telegraph's 'Ten groundbreaking university research projects’ for their contribution to a major international project to detect gravitational waves which could ultimately provide a snapshot of the infant universe.

Illustrating the University’s excellence in medical sciences, Professor Bob Stone was featured on BBC Radio 4’s PM Programme on using virtual reality scenarios to help patients in intensive care and relieve pain in burns patients.

Professor Bob Stone was featured in an article titled ‘VR and AR: the games people play’ in The Manufacturer about virtual reality and augmented  reality having a growing role in design and development in the defence sector.

Visiting Professor, Toby Peters has written an article for The Huffington Post on what the UK can learn from the internet and the growth of a digital economy in relation to an emerging cold industry.

Dr Simon Cotton (School of Chemistry) was interviewed for a Guardian article about how ancient civilisations created perfume, and its influence on present day perfumes.

Research by Dr Flavio Garcia (School of Computer Science) into anti-theft devices on millions of luxury cars which are vulnerable to “trivial” attack and potential theft was featured by BBC News, Bloomberg Business, The Guardian and Alphr.

Dr Haider Butt (School of Mechanical Engineering) was interviewed for World Industrial Reporter and German publication Optik & Photonik about the development of a novel way to print holograms using a relatively simple and inexpensive laser-printing technique.