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Dr Simon Goodwin was interviewed by the Independent and Sky News concerning the changes to the National Lottery and how this will affect players’ chances of winning.

Professor Richard Williams, Head of College, was interviewed by the Financial Times about the Midlands Energy Research Accelerator.

Dr Nick Hawes wrote an article for the New Zealand Herald about developments in the field of robotics and the building of autonomous robots.

Dr Simon Cotton wrote an article for The Conversation titled ‘The science of strawberries: why do they taste so good?’ about why pinning down the molecular basis of its aroma can underline why we love the taste.

Dr Simon Cotton also wrote an article for The Conversation titled ‘The secret of the world’s smelliest flower’ about the science behind its pungent scent.

Professor John Barnden offered comment for The Times about a computer that fooled people into thinking it was a 13-year-old boy named Eugene in an artificial intelligence test.

Dr Tiago Campante was featured in an article on Fox News about his discovery of the oldest known planetary system earlier this year.

There was global attention for University of Birmingham work on precision medicine this week, with research on smarter diagnostics for prostate cancer, led by Professor Paula Mendes and Dr John Fossey  featured in The Daily Mail, Times of India and China Daily, among many others.

Visiting Professor, Toby Peters, has discussed the issue of food security in India and how the lack of a reliable, integrated cold chain contributes to a scandalous loss of food in articles featured on both Forbes and The Huffington Post.

Dr Tiago Campante and Professor Bill Chaplin were featured in an article on the Daily Mail Online about the possibility of super-advanced civilisations on undiscovered planets.

The appointments of Professor Andy Schofield, Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Head of the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences and Professor Tim Softley, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Research and Knowledge Transfer were featured by the Times Higher Education.

Professor Bob Stone was featured in an article in the Financial Times Magazine about his research into virtual reality.