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Evelin Koleva - Human Resources Manager with Bloom Consulting, Spain

At Bloom Consulting, Evelin was given the role of Human Resources Manager. Her role involved managing the internal and external human capital for the company. She was in charge of promoting internships, managing the recruitment process and monitoring the HR-related databases. Evelin welcomed the new interns into the company and she was also responsible for organising their induction and training sessions.

‘During my three month placement I managed to hire more interns than any previous HR Manager in the company. I not only ensured that the firm has a constant flow of interns for the next 12 months, but I also achieved having the right balance and number of students working in the firm at a time.’

‘I quickly became the main point of contact not only for the external applicants, but also for our internal personnel. I managed to rapidly gain their trust and support, for which I repaid them by being a reliable and trustworthy person, on whom they could count on whenever needed. I have had many colleagues coming to me for advice, suggestions and/or new ideas.

This has definitely made me feel more confident, respected and valued at my workplace.

‘On occasions I was maybe faced with too many tasks to complete within a certain time frame, which would cause me some stress at times. However, I quickly learned how to deal with these kinds of situations and plan accordingly so as to not end up with great workload in one day and hardly anything to do on the next one. All of these occurrences have showed me what the real business world is like and have taught me valuable lessons on how to stay motivated and proactive in order to do my job to the highest standard possible. ‘

‘My ability to quickly find solutions to non-common work-related problems has improved, as have my initiative and determination to achieve the goals I have been set. Another capacity of mine that has been greatly enhanced due to the nature of my work was my ability to plan ahead. My organisational skills have always been my best asset, but coupled with excellent planning makes this skill set even more complete.’

‘Being a small company, Bloom Consulting gave me the opportunity to learn new aspects of the HR world that I would probably not have had the chance to learn have I worked in a big international corporation. I was not delegated work from upper management because they did not want to do it or because they could not trust me with anything else. Instead, I was given a huge load of responsibilities from day one, which made me feel trusted and valued at the company. Working in a small firm also meant that I could get to know everyone much better right from the start and thus make a better and stronger connection with them.’

‘My internship has offered me a number of benefits that will hopefully translate into a greater success in my future career. I believe that my international experience in a foreign company in the consultancy sector will catch the attention of potential employers, as this will show my initiative to work in a fast changing multi-ethnic environment. My communication skills in a foreign language and my multicultural understanding will also hopefully prove to be of a great benefit when applying for jobs abroad in the future.’