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The conference was organized by theEuropean Vitamin D Association (EVIDAS) and international Scientific Committee, including a number of scientists from the Biochemistry Department of the Children’s Memorial Health Institute and DECIDE Co-Chair, Prof. Andrew Kutner. The venue of the conference was the recently opened in Warsaw magnificent Museum of the History of Polish Jews “POLIN”. Most of the participants were from Polish academia and clinical centers, but scientists from USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Austria and Central and Eastern European Countries were also well represented.  Many aspects of vitamin D status, insufficiency and deficiency were discussed as well as pleiotropic functions of vitamin D in metabolic, bone, renal, autoimmune and cancer diseases. Sharmin Nadkarni (ESR10) gave his short talk on his synthesis and biological evaluation of double point modified analogs of vitamin D and Narasimha Bolla Rao (ESR11) presented his poster on synthesis, structural elucidation and biological activity of side-chain extended analogs of vitamin D2. Prof. A. Kutner, as WP2 Lead, gave his lecture on design, synthesis and anticancer activities of vitamin D analogs. The conference was accompanied by the exhibition of pharma and research equipment companies, presenting drugs and food supplements containing vitamins D and analytical instruments for vitamin D determinations.