Researchers from the Institute, working within DECIDE Project (Work Package WP2, directed by Prof. A. Kutner), presented five posters at the opening day of the world-leading conference in an interdisciplinary research in a vitamin D field (


N. Bolla, M.Sc. and S. Nadkarni, M.Sc., presented their initial results on synthesis of advanced intermediates and final vitamin D analogs. The results were discussed with a number of poster session visitors, including some of the world leaders in vitamin D chemistry: Professors A. Mourino, M. Maestro, A. Kittaka, and also with Prof. J. Studzinski (pictured above). P. Kozielewicz, M.Sc. (Birmingham) and A. Corcoran, M.Sc. (Wroclaw), both from the WP2 team, presented their results on biological activity of vitamin D analogs synthesized at the Institute. Collaborative research of the Institute with Prof. M. Danilenko, from the University of Negev, was also presented.