GPs and social workers both act as the gateway to their respective system, and can often work with the same people.  Both are trying to provide person-centred care in difficult circumstances and both have an urgent need to find ways of reducing reliance on expensive institutional care.  However, both groups also have a poor track record of working together, seldom come into direct contact with each other and sometimes seem to know little about each other’s role and responsibilities.

Against this background, HSMC held a national one-day workshop for managers, practitioners and broader partners interested in promoting more effective joint working.  This was supported by The College of Social Work and the Royal College of General Practitioners (who have undertaken national work together to promote these issues), as well as the Journal of Integrated Care (who will be publishing the papers from the day as a special edition).  In addition to a series of local case studies, the audience also heard from Steve Field, Chief Inspector of General Practice at the CQC, around the role of regulation in promoting integration.

This builds on an initial scoping review commissioning by the School for Social Care Research, on research undertaken by the University in conjunction with Impower around the national 'Home Truths' programme and on work with the West Midlands Academic Health Science Network to develop a training package for GPs and social workers seeking to working together more effectively.

Other key resources include:

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