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NucSoc was established by some of our graduating students, the first ever cohort of Nuclear Engineers at the University of Birmingham. This was considered both an easy way of staying connected outside university, helping each other with work and organising trips to the pub. As the course grew, so did the Society, hosting bigger and more varied events, organising careers help and working with other societies.

So a huge thank you goes out to those first years four years ago who really needed a pint with their course mates – may NucSoc never change!

True to form, NucSoc has been busy since the end of exams:

Our first means of post-exam stress relief was a day of paintballing. A huge turnout, a great team split (Freshers vs The Old Guard) and a surplus of smoke grenades lead to a fantastic day had by all. Of course some fared a little worse than others; the muddy and bruised Freshers were no match to the might of the veterans of NucSoc!

NucSoc Paintballing

The next day the surviving first years and I represented NucSoc at the second annual EPS Societies’ Awards. The event was fantastic and we all had a great night. NucSoc were thrilled to be shortlisted for Society of the Year but were gracious in defeat at the hands of Birmingham University Materials Society (BUMS) – I guess a congratulations is in order but next year that trophy’s ours!

NucSoc Societies Awards

The final NucSoc event of the year was a house party, hosted by next year’s Social Secretary. The event lived up to expectations and I’m told we all had a brilliant night – a perfect send off to the first ever cohort of Nucleons and celebration of the end of the freshers’ first year in NucSoc.

Of course there is more to Nuclear Engineering than drinking and paintball: our first full graduating class completed their Masters degrees with 2:1s and first-classes and excellent results were gained by all other years. Congratulations to all and we wish everyone the best of luck in your future endeavours.

Until next year,

The NucSoc Committees, 2014/15 and 2015/16