The University of Birmingham is set to teach Chinese children about Shakespeare in a week-long summer camp at Maofeng Mountain, near Guangzhou in Guangdong province.

Organised by the education group Readstart and led by Duncan Lees; a postgraduate student at the University of Birmingham’s Shakespeare Institute, the programme aims to get the children interested in Shakespeare from an early age through a series of activities and workshops.

Of all playwrights, Shakespeare poses one of the biggest hurdles to the reader, but offers an exciting and interesting path into the world of drama and literature.

At Maofeng Mountain, the children will be exploring three of Shakespeare’s most well-known plays: The Tempest, The Merchant of Venice, and Macbeth. These plays have been selected as they offer the children the opportunity to learn about costume, make-up, special effects, design and staging, and also offer them the chance to create their own artistic responses to his work.

Duncan Lees said: ‘Shakespeare poses some of the greatest challenges, but offers some of the greatest rewards. If children can get to know and love his work before they are led to believe it’s too difficult, then there really is no limit to where their imaginations can take them.

‘The translation of Shakespeare into Chinese began properly in the 20th century, in the last 30 years his popularity and reputation have grown immensely. There is no right way to engage with Shakespeare’s work, and this summer camp is a great opportunity to see what can be created when different traditions and approaches to Shakespeare meet.’

  • The course runs from July 13 to July 18 at Qingyuan Hotel, Moafeng Mountain.
  • Duncan Lees is an Assistant Professor at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies where he teaches in the Department of British and American Literature. He is currently undertaking further post graduate studies at the University of Birmingham’s Shakespeare Institute.
  • Part of the University of Birmingham, the Shakespeare Institute – based in the playwright’s hometown of Stratford-upon-Avon – is dedicated to the study of William Shakespeare, his works and the literature of the English Renaissance. Home to the most prestigious international Shakespeare conference in the world, as well as to the biggest postgraduate conference in Shakespeare studies, the Shakespeare Institute has been described by the current Institute Director, Professor Michael Dobson, as ‘the best place on earth in which to explore the impact Shakespeare’s work has had across four centuries of world culture’.
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该项目由Readstart教育小组发起并由伯明翰大学莎士比亚研究所硕士研究生黄家修(Duncan Lees)牵头,旨在通过一系列的活动和讲习班从早期阶段激发孩子对莎士比亚的兴趣。








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