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On 21 May 2015 I attended the ICE West Midlands Awards Dinner and was delighted to be announced winner of the 2015 Emerging Engineer Award for my overall contribution to the industry.

I began my career at the University of Birmingham, studying Civil Engineering. I transferred to the ’with Industrial Experience’ programme after speaking with Jenny Illingsworth, who leads the scheme. Jenny does an amazing job of offering networking opportunities for students to create placement prospects. From one such event I was introduced to Amey who gave me my first placement, simply as I had asked. So the old saying is true – you don’t get what you don’t ask for!

At University I was also the University Liaison Officer for the ICE West Midlands Graduates and Students group. My involvement in this group progressed from University Liaison, Social Secretary and now to Junior Vice-Chair. This is a progressional role and so I will be Chair of the group in 2016/17.

After two summer placements with Amey and consequently a Graduate Structural Engineer and now an Assistant Structural Engineer position, I have become heavily involved in the Graduates, Apprentices, Technicians and Students group, chairing the group for a period of six months. I also am an active Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) ambassador, participating as a mentor in the six month Engineering Education Scheme and in a STEM club for Year 10 students.

Helping yourself and others to progress is extremely satisfying for me to see, so it’s a real honour to be recognised within the region for my involvement within the industry, particularly given the level of driven and accomplished peers such as those with whom I was shortlisted.

I would like to thank all those at Amey and the University of Birmingham who have supported me and my development and given me the opportunities to succeed.