Dr Hugh Adlington wrote a Commentary article in the Times Literary Supplement(16 January 2015, pp. 14-15) on the recent discovery at Wadham College, Oxford of the poet John Donne's personal copy of the works of the Roman poet Horace.

The Timesthen ran a half-page story piece(subscriber-only).

In the Commentary article, Dr Adlington focusses on Donne’s handwritten marginal notes in the volume and discusses the influence of classical poetry on Donne’s work. In particular, he points out that: "The majority of Donne’s apostils [marginal notes] focus not on the texts of Horace’s poems themselves, but on the edition’s Latin scholia and Renaissance commentaries. This is fascinating because it provides us, for the first time, with material evidence of a potentially crucial factor in Donne’s literary development: that is, the vital formative and mediating part played by such commentaries on Donne’s reading of classical poetry and poetics."