Louise Hardwick intervied for Martinican TV

Dr Louise Hardwick has just returned from AHRC fieldwork in Martinique in the French Caribbean, where she undertook archival research and was an invited speaker at the festivities marking the centenary of author Joseph Zobel’s birth.

For the past two years, Louise has been preparing the centenary in collaboration with colleagues in Martinique, thinking about how her contribution can help to change the way that people in Martinique understand Zobel’s works. One of the key aims of the centenary visit was to discuss Zobel’s international reputation with Martinicans. Many Martinicans are unaware that he is a literary ambassador for the island and its rich culture. 

In Rivière-Salée, where Zobel was born, there was keen public interest in Louise’s work. With the help of her University students, Louise contributed to an exhibition on Zobel at the Médiathèque de Rivière-Salée, a high-tech public library. Louise asked her students for their opinions of studying Zobel, and used the information in the exhibition to show young Martinicans that their literature is influencing young people at the throughout the world.

Louise Hardwick with librarian Raphaelle Bouville

Louise was welcomed to Rivière-Salée by the Mayor, Andre Lesueur, and was invited to give a public talk to launch the town’s celebrations, which led to a lively debate and some great audience feedback.

At her school presentations, what better way to introduce pupils to Birmingham than by letting them know that the University welcomed the 2012 Jamaican Track and Field team.

Louise gave a presentation to 100 school pupils at the Lycée Joseph Zobel in Rivière-Salée, a school named after Zobel which holds an annual “Joseph Zobel Week”. She also spoke to 700 pupils at the middle school Collège George-Elisabeth during their whole-school celebrations of Joseph Zobel’s centenary.

Martinique has named 2015 the Year of Zobel, and there was keen media interest in Louise’s visit. She gave radio and newspaper interviews, and was invited to speak on two TV programmes: an hour-long special on Zobel on ‘Le magazine littéraire’ on ZoukTV, and “3 QUESTIONS A” which runs as a segment during the evening news and is one of the best-known daily programmes on Martinican TV. The strapline is “les hommes et les femmes qui font l’actualité de la Martinique” - the men and women who are making the news in Martinique - so she felt honoured to be counted as someone who is shaping the Martinican news.

More information about Louise's work at www.josephzobel.wordpress.com.

The launch of the Year of Zobel in April 2015
Louise Hardwick with colleagues at The Literary Magazine
Médiathèque in Zobel’s town of birth - Rivière-Salée