Two Birmingham Law School Research Spotlights have been published by members of Birmingham Law School.

The first, Independence, Representation and Risk, by Steven Vaughan and Claire Coe (Claire Legal), explores client relationships in large law firms. Coe and Vaughan’s research, conducted for the Solicitors Regulation Authority, demonstrates a striking shift in the balance of power from large law firms to their institutional clients, and a number of areas with the potential for lawyers’ independence to be compromised.

The second on Prison Bullying and Victimisation details groundbreaking research by Kate Gooch and James Treadwell. In it they argue that only strong leadership, good staff-prisoner relationships and a ‘whole prison approach’ to anti-victimisation can counter the evolving problems of bullying and violence in prisons.

The purpose of the Birmingham Law School Research Spotlights series is to  disseminate the School’s research in an accessible way to the widest possible audience, including policy makers, members of the legal profession, external groups (NGOs) and other academics.