Organisation: Pertemps, Birmingham
Placement Student Name: Lauren Albrecht
Placement Title: Employee Engagement internship
Dates of Placement: Summer 2014

We’ve been helping people find the right jobs and helping employers find the right people since 1961. The reason we’ve been so successful is simple: we make sure we know our business inside out. Permanent, temporary, or contract positions, private or public sector, we do our utmost to find the right people for the right jobs. Our commitment has allowed us to build an impressive client list, from major organisations to small businesses, that trust us to find them the very best people.

This role will play a key part in helping Pertemps to benchmark the engagement of employees within the Pertemps Network Group. Part of the role will include reviewing and enhancing previous employee surveys through to analysis of results and reporting to the Board on the key findings with recommendations.

Working as part of a small team the role will involve delivering internal communications and engagement plans to meet the needs of all internal audiences; building strong relationships with internal stakeholders and with the Marketing & Communications Department in particular.

Part of the Groups strategy is to ensure alignment and consistency of messaging with both internal and external audiences and manage events and projects as required to continually improve employee engagement.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Assist with the identification of development needs
  • Develop, manage, analyse all online surveys
  • Attend meetings, take minutes and provide action summaries and reports as required
  • Assist in the design, logistics, management and delivery of key employee engagement events in order to benchmark the Groups employee engagement
  • Input to the development of Employee Engagement and Internal Communications plans to support the aims and priorities of the Group
  • Evaluate the success of employee engagement
  • Build effective relationships with key stakeholders across Group
  • Produce reports (both quantitative and qualitative) as and when required
  • Maintain and update relevant collateral

I really enjoyed leading interview sessions with candidates-the other consultants trusted my judgment so it was great to have that responsibility.

What made you apply for this opportunity?

Last year, I completed the Employee Engagement internship at the Head Office of Pertemps Network Group. During this internship, I was given a wide range of experience and guidance, so I knew that Pertemps would be a great company to gain experience with. As a continuation from my previous year’s experience, I also wanted to get involved in the front-line recruitment in a branch environment.

On a day-to-day basis, what were your duties?

As part of my role, I was able to see and undertake the whole range of tasks involved with being a Recruitment Consultant for temporary, permanent and also contract recruitment. For example sourcing for and telescreening candidates, leading interviews, attending client visits and undertaking market research. I was also fortunate enough to spend one week at CNA International, an Executive Search Consultancy which is part of the Pertemps Group. During this week, I was exposed to the processes involved in headhunting and specialist recruitment and was responsible for the visibility of the company in the market.

What skills are you developing throughout your placement?

I feel that my experiences during the internship have greatly developed my communication skills and ability to tailor my message to ensure it is relevant to the recipient. As the branch was constantly bustling, I also had to hone my time-management and organisational skills. On the whole, the internship has allowed me to understand a business environment in more detail.

Has the role helped you decide what career you want to pursue?

I hope to become an Occupational Psychologist and recruitment is a key aspect to this role. To be able to complete an 8 week internship in this area therefore has been exceptionally valuable in gaining first-hand experience and confidence in future tasks I may complete.

Do you feel more confident/more employable as a result of the placement?

As mentioned, recruitment is an important area in the field I hope to enter for a career. Therefore, to be able to put this recruitment internship on my CV will hopefully ensure that I stand out from other applicants. The placement has also given me more confidence in answering experience-based questions in interviews.

What is the best bit about your role?

Whilst at the Pertemps branch my manager presented a Permanent Recruitment workshop, which included an aspect of the Psychology of Sales. It was great to be able to see and understand how Psychology is used in recruitment, and to be able to experience firsthand positive results from it!

What would you say to other students who are looking for work experience?

I have found that work experience is extremely beneficial, not only in improving your CV and employability but also in improving your interpersonal skills. I would suggest starting looking for work experience and internships early on in the year, to ensure you give yourself the best chance of success.