Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research’s (LLR) Trial Acceleration Programme (TAP) is a UK network for early phase blood cancer clinical trials – made up of 13 networked trial centres in leading research hospitals that are coordinated by a central hub in Birmingham. The aim of the network is to accelerate the set-up and recruitment of blood cancer trials. LLR have recently committed a further five years of funding in to their early phase TAP and its successful pilot phase has led to it being consolidated within the routine activity of all relevant NCRI Clinical Studies Groups (CSGs) and subgroups.

As part of their role to drive the development of clinical studies, NCRI CSGs work as multidisciplinary teams that, in liaison with the NIHR Clinical Research Network and clinical trials units, consider new research questions, develop proposals for studies and track their progress.

TAP trials are now a standing item at the Haematological Oncology CSG and Lymphoma CSG meetings – proposals gain the support of the Group Chair before being adopted in to the programme. This and the LLR Clinical Trials Committee oversight ensure that TAP trials fit within the national portfolio of clinical trials.

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