The University of Birmingham has today unveiled its bold plan for the next five years; harnessing the latest digital technology to create a 'living' document that will be updated continually, demonstrating how the University is delivering real impact, tackling major challenges, and transforming lives.

Making important things happen sets out the University’s plans for 2015-20, taking forward its achievements on the local, national, and international stage in terms of its research, education, investment, and influence. The innovative digital approach offers the opportunity for continuing engagement and will provide real-time updates on progress towards achieving the University's strategic vision.

Unveiling the plan, Vice-Chancellor Professor Sir David Eastwood said: “It is the ambition of our students, the quality of our staff, and the creativity and leadership of our people, alongside our willingness to make bold and sometimes tough choices, which will enable us to realise our goals.

“As a pioneering institution we have taken a sector-leading approach and evolved the traditional five-year-plan into a dynamic and responsive strategy. This will help us to showcase our achievements, enable staff to highlight and celebrate their own contribution, and provide examples of how we are fulfilling our strategic goals.”

The new strategy celebrates the University’s pursuit of excellence, and builds upon its successes over the past five years, including being named University of the Year 2013-14 and University of the Year for Graduate Employment 2015-16.

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